Friday, February 3, 2012

More About Maria Callas
the True Diva

I'm more of a Maria Callas fan than I am of opera. The first time I saw a video of her performance, singing the Habanera, I was drawn by her elegance and striking beauty. Even when she's just singing in a concert, one feels the emotion of the aria through her graceful gestures, facial expressions and her unique voice. And during her time, no other dramatic soprano sings like her.

A 1962 performance in the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, London.

Her voice has always been controversial. It wasn't the best voice according to conventional standards. In an interview, she herself said that she didn't like her own voice. One will either hate it or love it. Yet many would rather see her perform with her great imperfect voice than to watch another soprano with a polished voice but with not so perfect looks and acting skills.

To her fans, she's got it all - the voice, the beauty, the dramatic talent. That is why people kept watching her. They watch her even when she's not on stage because her entire life was full of drama. It was as controversial as her voice.

Diva is Italian for goddess. The title is originally given ONLY to women with outstanding talent in the world of opera. She was indeed a true diva.

I'm a big fan of her's. I've watched many videos of her performances, interviews and tribute documentaries. I've even read a biography. I found the hard cover book by accident on a shelf at Shopwise for only Php 90! I felt that her spirit lead me to it. ^_^

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