Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Quest for The Dream Job

My business partner and friend Fitz posted, about a week ago, a very interesting topic in his blog ReadyToBeRich.Com. He shared 7 steps on how one can find the job of his dreams. The illustration below shows the three main things that define our dream job.

Who wouldn't want a job that doesn't feel like work? It only feels that way when you are doing something that you really love. Bohemians are usually satisfied with doing what they love (which is usually something they are good at). And as a result, they are often broke. That's were the voluntary poverty aspect of bohemianism comes in. The creative things that we love to do usually doesn't pay well unless we have become mainstream like popular actors, musicians, designers, etc.

I remember when I used to work as a designer. Designing is something I believe I am good at but I had no passion for what I was designing then. Because I worked for somebody else, my own style preferences has to be set aside, naturally, to satisfy the boss and his clients. So before, I was only doing something I'm good at and was paid fairly enough for it. Yes, I did get bored. I also had a different job once where I felt rich but completely unfulfilled.

But now, I'm doing what I love and have become good at it. I am happy but poor. Or should I say, I am happy but not yet rich? I'm working on it. Thanks to Fitz's blog post I am more determined to turn my passion into my dream job. I'm now at step 4, learning how to do step 5.

Read about those steps here.

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