Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Exhibition by Jef Cablog

A just recent trip to Mandaluyong City gave me the chance to check out what's showing at the Art Center in MegaMall.

Some paintings I saw were quite familiar. I've seen one or two in galleries in Alabang. I love the work but never got a closer look to see who the artist was.

But today is a real treat because I saw the entire collection up close and I learned that the name behind these awesome paintings is Jef Cablog. Nice surname, Cablog. I'm blogging about Cablog. hehe.

I've seen many paintings depicting the ethnic people of Northern Luzon but Cablog's work is outsanding. They are dreamy and realistic, with soft lighting and sedate colors. The texture greatly adds to their overall appeal. Through his art I see the elegance of the Ifialig people.

Another day of art appreciation. Thank you Avee for the exhibit pics!

Getting a closer look at "Memento" by Jef Cablog.

My favorite: "Spearhead"

Detail from "Spearhead"

Another brilliant work: "Ceremonial Adornments"

A Little About Jef Cablog

The young artist is a pure blooded Ifalig from Barlig, Mountain Province. He has a degree in fine arts from UP Baguio. His paintings are visualizations of the stories told by the village elders of Barlig. He is steadily gaining recognition in the national art scene. Yeah I did a little research. See more of his great works here.

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