Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 1st Year, Buhay Bohemio!

Today is the first day of March 2012 and today my blog BuhayBohemio.Com is a year old. I flipped the pages of my online notebook to find the very first post for some retrospection.

So it has been a year since I've embraced bohemianism. Though I have been creative since childhood and being unconventional was evident at a very young age, it was only last year that I accepted the third aspect of bohemianism - voluntary poverty.

But let me make it clear that becoming poor is not the goal of bohemianism. If someone would offer me business partnership where I become creative director of a bohemian lifestyle brand, I will accept it without hesitation. But what are the chances of that happening? I'll either use my energy in search of a financier who believes that I have a good idea, or I'll just try to build the business myself one step at a time. The pursuit of artistic ambitions often leaves an artist struggling to preserve their finances by living below their means. That's where the voluntary poverty comes in.

This blog is really a documentation of my artistic ambitions, the journey to becoming an artist-entrepreneur (plus of course the meanderings along the way). It is a solitary journey but never a lonely one. And so I'm gonna use this post to thank some people:

To Fitz, who's gotten me into blogging, for helping me generate some income and at the same time develop my screen-printing skills through BloggerShirts.Com.

To my 15 followers: blogger friends Don, Cesar, and Greg; my blogger sister-in-law Erlaine, my sister Jeth, my dearest friend Avee, friends Vangie, and Tanya; recent followers, artist Lamberto, bloggers Gellie, Sumi, Christian, JP and Leandro, all whom I hope to meet in person someday. Also to those who follow my blog without me knowing ^_^

To the 94 people who liked the facebook page, relatives and friends and people I haven't met. That simple clicking of the "like" button means a lot. Thank you all. ^_^

May you all continue doing the things you love!


  1. Happy Anniversary Buhay Bohemio!!! Go lang nang go! :D

  2. Happy Anniversary .. Any giveaways? hehe all the well wishes and more definitely cool designs on a shirts.. God Bless! One Love! Big Up!

    Your New Client

  3. Happy first anniversary to your blog! :)

  4. Hehe thanks guys!

    Rikiduff welcome to my blog! Giveaways? Hmm pwede. I suppose I could make little gifts for my readers someday. ^_^

  5. Happy 1st BuhayBohemio! I know you'll go a long way 'coz I believe in your talent :) Pag anniv ng blog dapat may giveaways or contest hehe. Use

  6. Thanks Erl! i visited rafflecopter. ok sha ha, contest organization made easy. gamitin ko yan someday ^_^