Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Music of Aimee Mann

    If you've listened to new wave music in the 80's, you've probably encountered Aimee Mann, vocalist of the band 'Til Tuesday, with their song Voices Carry. The girl with the teased up blond hair made a comeback in the 90's with a look and sound that is much more to my liking.

    She still has the soft lazy voice but this time it is accompanied by nicely arranged music - some songs used strings, piano and even french horn. Her lyrics are also nicely written. I couldn't help but listen to the words and ponder on their meaning.

     I was gonna share the soundtrack of the 2000 film Magnolia in which every single track was performed by her. But it isn't available for streaming yet so below is her live album from 2004 which include some favorite tracks from Magnolia (That's Just What You Are, Wise Up, and Save Me).

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