Monday, March 5, 2012

Project Pirate Beads

I always wanted to have something like what Jack Sparrow tucks in his bandana. Those strings of various beads dangling along his dreaded hair. I dunno, it looks cool to me.

I've been meaning to make one since last year, I've bought earrings and necklaces and took the components that I need for this project. Just recently in my trip to Divisoria I was able to buy chrome-plated plastic beads and little metal feather charms.

Last Sunday I finally have the chance to put them all together. Some of components I used I already own for years. Like the red one with carvings, the yellow crystal-like beads, and the coconut shell disks. The orange feathers was supposed to be used in a photo-shoot that didn't push through (I still have lots of those). I found the big white pearl in a plant box at a pool resort last year.

It would have been grand if I used real precious stones. Jack's beads has amber, coral and turquoise, I think. Anyway I like how my 24-inch long pirate beads turned out (even if it looks too pristine). Maybe I'll make a weathered version next time.

I really don't have an occasion to wear it yet hehe. But if you do and you want to have one I can assemble your own pirate beads. Just message me. ^_^

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