Saturday, May 5, 2012

An Ex Deal with a Friend

I printed a few pieces of this reggae tank top jersey for my friend Avhel who is my dreadlock artist. He'll be selling them in his little underground salon in Mandaluyong City. I like the jersey that he's gotten. Quality is good and I'll probably buy one from him.

The reggae legend's image is by his request. I'm not really comfortable with designing prints using images of famous people. But I'm sure my friend didn't intend to make a fortune from this. It's about survival and artistic interests. Like me, he's a starving artist in a third world country.

I'm  glad though he asked me to do these shirts for him because in return he's gonna repair my dreads. It has been 8 months so new hair that is 4" long is frizzing out from my head. =P

1 comment:

  1. Hello sir, where could i possibly get this top tank? is this still available. I understand your friend has a shop in mandaluyong and i live in the same place, so where could i find his shop?i would badly need this toptank for an a\occasion, hope you could help me.. appreciate it.