Saturday, May 26, 2012

I found a female huntsman spider trapped in a laundry basin in our backyard last Tuesday.  I thought these spiders move quickly and could jump on my hand but catching it was easy. It just walked inside the jar when I tried to like scoop it in.

I was hoping to keep it as a pet but unfortunately it died last night and I was feelin' guilty about it. I certainly didn't starve her to death. She ignored all the live food that I gave her each day (the little roach, the swarmer ant and the stink bug). But she might be sick or near moulting period and her jar container is not suited for it (and I keep holding the jar to get a good look at her). It's sad that I get to read about taking care of spiders too late. Poor thing. = ( 

Now I'm attempting to preserve her mortal remains. I don't think I'm doin' it right either. Oh well...

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