Monday, July 9, 2012

with a Post About Procrastination

"How's your business?  asked a friend. "It's moving slowly", I replied. He asked why and then I paused for a moment, thinking about the reasons. There are many but instead I said laughingly, "because I'm also moving slowly."

I realize that the creation of my online store, where I will sell stuff that I've designed and made, is being delayed. I still only have 4 existing t-shirt designs some designs are waiting to be produced. I also intend to make fashion accessories and home accents. 

I've been procrastinating. And I'm procrastinating even further by thinking about the root cause of my procrastination, and much more by writing about it. Hehe. I've seen a chart on the web about why people procrastinate. (Of course, being a graphic artist, I made my own chart which took me a couple of  hours.) ^_^

Looking at this nicely done chart gave me a clear idea of why things are taking so long. I'm being a perfectionist! Hehehe ( I actually checked if my perfectionism is normal or neurotic. ) Being an artist, my perfectionism is actually a good thing. My problem is in the over-planning part. Well, I am also guilty of the other reasons for procrastination, like me taking long to decide on something; not properly managing my time; and being easily distracted. It's a good thing though, that when I procrastinate, the time is mostly used on creative or productive things. Some are little tasks that are somehow aligned to my long term goals.

The thing is, my long term goals doesn't really have a deadline. But I'm actually good with deadlines. If I always deliver on time, despite my poor time management skills, then I should set a realistic deadline for the making of my online store.

Anyways, you'll find many articles on the web about dealing with procrastination. I've read these tips from and Also an essay about structured procrastination by John Perry, a distinguished philosophy professor.

Understand that procrastination  has a purpose. We must all keep things balanced. So if you're also a freelancing artist whose work involves getting online, I wish you the best of luck. Hehe.

Now I better  get some work done!


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