Thursday, September 20, 2012

Project Vintage Army Bike

Do you guys remember my old bike, the KYMCO Zing? It's a Taiwan made 150cc cruiser I got for my birthday in 2002. Yup, I've been riding this bike for 10 years now. Actually, I thought of selling this bike and buy a newer second-hand bike with the money I got from the sale of my Honda CB-1 last year. 

I realize that I couldn't afford to maintain a big bike at this moment of my "voluntary poverty" hehe. My Zing is quite friendly on the wallet. It consumes less gas, and can start and run without a battery and parts are fairly priced. The bike is actually my savior when the CB-1 fails. But my bohemianism is calling for a stylish ride, so I decided to have it repainted instead.

But I'm not just giving it a new color. I'm giving it a thematic look. I've always have a fascination for vintage army bikes and I've collected these pictures of small-engine army bikes from the web. Click on the image above to see them in my Pinterest.

So my bike is currently disassembled at the shop of motorcycle expert James "Doktorbke" Saulog, located in Las Piñas City. My goodness! Look at all that dirt! Hehe 

I'm really excited about this project! ^_^

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