Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nightcap at Barcino

Last Friday was really tiring for me and some of my peers. So last night we just chilled at Alabang Town Center and didn't go out of the city for some fancy dinner like we usually do on Saturday. The gang isn't complete last night anyway. Three were in Bacolod for the Maskara Festival and the others are just too tired to go out.

So for the four of us, it was just chattin' and laughin' in a coffee shop after dinner. But the coffee shop closes at midnight and we're not done with the night yet. Fortunately there's a Barcino wine and resto bar at the new area in  ATC that's along Commerce Avenue. A nightcap? Why not?

We had a bottle of Osado Shiraz red wine and a few bites which was on our friend who was feeling generous that night (Thanks Thryke!) A bottle was just enough for the four of us and cost only PhP 500. I'm no expert on wines but the one we had is really good. 

And so the chatting' and laughin' went on, this time with the feeling of affluence. Hehe


  1. Hanging out with friends with some booze is always awesome; but haven't tried it out with wine. xD

  2. Try it, Gellie! After dinner with friends, instead of coffee go for wine! hehe