Thursday, November 8, 2012

Marie France Bodyline
Celebrate 27 Years

Marie France Bodyline is celebrating their 27th anniversary today and tomorrow, November 8-9, 2012, and I received an invitation to drop by the Alabang branch (in the Citibank-Frabelle Building along Alabang-Zapote Road) for cocktails and free treatment. Now that's how they keep in touch with their former clients.

Yeah I had treatments back in 2010. I didn't always look this fabulous (modesty thrown aside LOL). Wanna see how fat I was? Click here. I was 190 lbs when I first stepped inside their clinic. After their FMS (Fat Mobilization System) and Cold Wrap, I was 170 lbs. Now, after 2 years  I weigh 160 lbs. ^_^ And the very friendly staff are glad to see that I was able to manage my weight even after 2 years.

The complimentary treatment they gave me is the use of their Physique Inch-Loss machine. Fifteen minutes of this treatment is equivalent to 225 sit-ups! Electricity from the pads that are strapped on you causes your muscles to contract in a rhythmic pattern. I felt like I was belly dancing while lying in bed.

The best time to avail of treatments from Marie France is during their anniversary because you get them under a buy-one-get-one promo. If your birthday falls under your treatment period you get additional sessions as well. I got treatments in March 2010 as a birthday gift to myself.

Treatments from Marie France is quite pricey and you can be sure that they really work. I myself attest to their effective procedures. They are for the determined people who are serious about losing weight quickly. One can't really say that he's serious if he doesn't even watch what he eats or bother to do cardio exercise. Well I know that disciplining oneself could be a challenge - especially if we're talking about delicious food that is just within your reach.  Really, one could easily forget about his obesity when there's a box of pizza before him.

Well my strategy involves monetary loss if I don't discipline myself. So my weight loss tip for you? Don't just get an effective procedure - get an expensive one! ^_^


  1. And if you're too kuripot to get an expensive procedure, (LIKE ME. LOL) just friggin' work out and discipline yourself and stop taking those cheap slimming shits because they don't work or they might but side-effects are a pain in the ass! Haha!

  2. LOL! I'm kuripot too now that I'm bohemian. So I maintain my weight by eating less but more frequent. Hmm I should write about the bohemian way of losing weight. hehe