Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Into the Christmas Rush We Go

It's 7 days 'till Christmas. We're feeling the rush. We can actually see it - malls on extended hours, long lines at the cashier counters, more vendors on the sidewalks, heavier traffic on major thoroughfares.

But how about the Christmas spirit? Are we feeling it? I heard a DJ on the radio saying that he's not feeling it at all. I saw a friend on Facebook saying  that he's not excited about Christmas, and another who's thinking of just spending Christmas working in the office.

If you ask me, well I'm not feeling the spirit either. But I'm very much feeling the rush. I have a total of 27 portrait projects this month. I've delivered 7 last week, 4 yesterday and 16 are due this week. I've been printing shirts on the side too. I feel blessed and stressed at the same time and I remember that I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet.

Busy - that's what we all are. Peraphs too busy to feel the Christmas spirit. Our minds are pre-occupied with the concerns of the Season - what to wear at which Christmas party, what present to give to who, what to cook for Noche Buena, how to hide from a battalion of godchildren, and what have you.

Maybe Christmas is just for kids, said a friend on Facebook, just like Halloween. Isn't it? I couldn't help but recall those years when I was a kid. As a little child, Christmas is when you receive things - toys, clothes, money. Then you'll come to understand that Christmas is giving and receiving. As you grow older you'll give more than you receive. Well after all, Christmas is "The Season of Giving". Yeah, receiving sounds better - it's easier. To give, especially to a lot of people, will need some time and effort. . . and money.

Many have gone weary of this season of exchange of material things. Sadly that's what Christmas has become to them and who can blame them in a consumerist society such as ours? Christmas feels just like any other day, said a friend, who's working for a call center, who's single, living alone, whose parent's have long passed away, whose siblings have their own families living far from his city. Feel sad for him? Don't be because he isn't. He's happy and very much used to it.

How Christmas feels is actually how you make it. I know somebody who donate and volunteer in charitable activities every Christmas season. Giving gifts to people who has more than you do seems pointless, he says. Though exhausting, to see the smile on the faces of the less fortunate people that he reaches out to, felt fulfilling for him. And through those smiles he very much feel the Christmas spirit. 

I should try that - to feel the pointlessness of giving presents to people who has more than I do hahaha! Well good luck to all of us. May we all meet our deadlines in December and may we all have a meaningful and stress-free Christmas!

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