Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Instrument to Learn

I got this ukulele as a gift from my dear sister last Christmas. It's actually one of the best gifts I got last year. She probably didn't know that I also wanted a ukulele but getting one is really at the bottom part of the list. I've been meaning to buy a new acoustic guitar as a gift to myself for Christmas but I think I'm gonna delay that a bit because I'm really enjoying this new instrument.

Ukuleles are commonly associated with Hawaiian music. It is based on two small guitar-like instruments that was brought to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants in the 1880's. 

Now here's a little trivia: Japan today is the 2nd home for Hawaiian musicians and ukulele virtuosos. It all began when a Hawaiian-born Japanese guy named Yukihiko Haida introduced it to Japan when he went there upon his father's death in 1929. And despite the authorities' ban on Western Music in World War II, the good ol' ukulele survived because fans played them in secret.

I simply love the sound this instrument makes. It's jolly and rustic. It's bohemian!

I've put customized reggae inspired stickers on it to hide the print of the cartoon version of Mr. Bean. LOL! Do you see him? How about his teddy bear? hehe. My sister said there was no plain colored ukulele at the store when she was shopping for it and this is the better looking one. The other one probably has a Power Puff Girl print. LOL! But I'm really glad she got me one. Thanks sistah!

Anyways, learning to play the uke is quite easy especially if you already know how to play a guitar. Because the uke has only 4 strings, the chord pattern is different from that of a guitar. Before, I thought that the uke only has the last 2 bottom strings of the guitar omitted hehe. 

I'm currently mastering the first song that I've learned to play. I hope to learn more songs and get to record them someday. You know, happy tunes really sound cute with a ukulele. ^_^

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