Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Taal Heritage Tour:
The Doña Marcela Agoncillo Museum

So who is Marcela Mariño Agoncillo? She is the wife of the honorable Felipe Agoncillo (uncle of Gregorio Agoncillo, whose house we just visited). Marcela is known as the seamstress of the very first flag of the Philippines, the one that General Emilio Aguinaldo waved in Cavite in 1898. 

This house turned museum, was built in the late 17th Century by Marcela's grandfather. Heirs donated this house to the national government and is being maintained by the Department of Tourism.

Photos by me and Don Trivño. Click on the small image to enlarge. ^_^

Beside the house, at the right, is an open space where a bronze statue of Marcela stands before an array of Katipunan flags.

At the lower floor of the old house is a small exhibit that features some artifacts and literature about the lives of Felipe and Marcela and their contribution to Philippine history.

Houses of well off families of this period have spacious living areas on the 2nd floor. The ground floor is usually for business or utility. 

Check out  the cool  four post bed!  I couldn't help but notice that beds are always placed at the center of the room.

It's amazing that every key of this piano is still working and in tune!

Above the piano is this painting of  Doña Marcela.  She was indeed a charming woman. A very supportive wife and a dedicated mother, benevolent and a source of inspiration to people of her time and even today. Read about her life here.

Up next: again another old house.  ^_^

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