Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taal Heritage Tour:
Galleria Taal

Here's another old house turned museum. You will find here a vast collection of vintage cameras from the late 1800's to 1900's also antiquarian photographs of the 1800's, the American occupation, WW2, and the Libaration period. The cameras are a personal collection of Manny Inumerable, grandson of the original owners of this beautiful house.

Photos  by me and Don Triviño. Click on the images for a closer look. ^_^

Galleria Taal is located along Agoncillo Street. Just a few meters from the house of Leon Apacible.

Every single camera that you find here is still functioning. Manny repairs them himself.

You will also find modern day cameras here too. From the 30's to the new millennium.

It would have been awesome if this big instantograph camera has film in it.

If you are not a camera junkie, simply enjoy the vintage photographs and of course the architecture of the old house. Manny and his brother Bobby put a lot of effort in preserving their ancestral home.

Alright enough of old houses. I'm becoming envious already. Up next: a small old church with a nice little story. ^_^

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