Friday, March 15, 2013

Old Churches in Rizal and Laguna:
Moron Church

         My blogger friends Fitz ( and Don ( are accustomed to doing a Visita Inglesia every year. So before Holy Week, they research on historical churches in a particular province, plan a trip and do a dry run. Then they come back on Good Friday with their folks this time.

        Last year it was the churches of Batangas. This year, the old churches in the province of Rizal and Laguna and I'm glad they asked me to come along together with another artist-blogger friend Rina (

         So the first church we visited on our day trip last Tuesday, March 12, 2013, was the Church of St. Jerome located in Morong, Rizal. (Click on the photos for a closer look)

        The construction of this church was completed in 1853. The first church was destroyed by fire along with the town in 1612. The town dates from 1578 and was once a predominantly Muslim area.

The facade is quite unique having the belfry situated above the main door. Also the rich baroque style architecture is remarkable. 

       However, I wish I could say  the same about the interior hehe. Big but not grand. You can see that there's not much to see at the altar.

 The bare white dome ceiling. It could be newly renovated. It's like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on.

But the church does have nice stained glass windows. Like this one depicting Jesus' Sacred Heart.

A statue of St. Jerome, the patron saint
of the town of Moron.

          I've just  learned that a 1st class relic of St. Jerome is kept in this church. Had I known this I may have taken a picture of it too. St. Jerome (347-420 AD) was a Roman priest who is best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin.

Up next: another old church in Rizal. ^_^

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