Sunday, March 17, 2013

Old Churches in Rizal and Laguna:
Paete Church

      Paete Church in the province of Rizal is also known as St. James the Apostle Church and this is the 5th church that we visited last Tuesday. It is another old church that has had its share of being destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again. The original stone structure was built in 1646. The present structure was built in 1884.

       The color of wood and adobe somehow gives the interior a sedating effect .

The octagonal dome ceiling made of tongue-and-groove planks.

       The main retablo with a finish of natural wood with gilded accents. It was pretty dark in the church when we got there. The administration closes the church when not in use to safeguard the items inside. But they are kind enough to let us in and take some pictures.

The retablo at the right transept. I just love the sedate colors.

      You can see the remarkable craftsmanship of Paete woodcarvers on this tabernacle. Paete is after all the Carving Capital of the Philippines.

        Inside the church are three real big paintings. Because it was too dark inside the church I was only able to photograph this painting of St. Christopher, thanks to the light from a window on the opposite wall. Christopher, my name, means "bearer or Christ". The Saint was a 7.5 foot Canaanite from the 3rd Century who carried Christ, disguised as a child, across a dangerous river. Read about the legend of St. Christopher here.

       Yeah, not enough pictures. It's really hard to produce clear pictures with a point-and-shoot camera in a poorly lit room. I'll bring my tripod next time. ^_^

         Up next: Pagsanhan Church

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