Sunday, March 17, 2013

Old Churches in Rizal and Laguna:
Pakil Church

       The 4th church that we visited last Tuesday (March 12, 2013) was the first church in Laguna that we stepped into. The old church of the municipality of Pakil is also known as the Lady of Turumba Church. It has a history destruction and reconstruction. The original stone structure was completed in 1732. Of all the churches I visited in this trip, this is my favorite.

       Click on the photos for a closer look. ^_^

Detail from the facade of the Pakil Church.

The left side of the church. I just love striped walls of adobe and bricks.

   The beautiful interior. The church practices the custom of covering the images of the saints with purple fabric during the Lenten season.

         Finally a ceiling with paintings. The paintings show familiar religious images of the world, like Bernini's Pieta and scenes from the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. 

The altar floor has a red carpet and it's reflection
creates a pinkish glow on the apse ceiling.

  This large artwork, painted on a row of wood planks, hangs at the right side of the church. Entitled Judicium Finale or Last Judgement.

The retablo on the left transept. Would have been great to see the collection of statues behind the purple covers.

Detail of one of the retablos. Same colors as those in Tanay Church, only the gold parts are gilded.

Detail of the right hand pulpit from the altar. 

Detail of the left hand pulpit from the altar. 

Detail at the bottom of the altar. It may have been done by a woodcarver from Paete, another municipality in Laguna known for such craftsmanship.

       The reason why this church is my favorite among those I visited here, aside from its oldness and  impressive carvings, is because of the story of the Lady of Turumba. This hall adjacent to the convent will lead you to a gallery of information about the miraculous image. 

        The altarpiece that displays the small painting of the Lady of Turumba that is more than 2 centuries old. Unfortunately the reflection on the glass and the low light prevented me from getting a good photo of the painting. See a better pic here. Learn about the story of the image and the very old seven-day festival known as the Turumba here.

      The Lady of Turumba painting depicts a sorrowful Blessed Virgin. It is too small to be seen among a crowd of devotees. So a statue of the Nuestra Señora de las Antiguas, a replica of that in Spain, is also used in the processions of the Turumba Festival.

    Our replica of Our Lady of Sorrows has her own wardrobe. This room stores her clothes, jewelry and perfume. All of which are donated by devotees. Her worn out vestments are cut into small pieces and are given to devotees who seek protection, especially when traveling.

So that's all for Pakil Church. Our next destination: the municipality of Paete in Laguna...

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