Friday, April 19, 2013

A Pile of Work with Just
a Pair of Hands

      I have a lot of things waiting to be done, you know. Well just like everybody else, I suppose. I can make a looong list of to-do's. 

     Aside from the current orders of shirts and portraits which are in the priority tray,  I am yet to rebuild my online stores - and I'm still deciding if I should still use Multiply.Com after the big inconvenience that was caused  by their changes. 

               Rasta shirts printed last Monday
               for a friend who will be selling them
               in a reggae event this weekend.

        The screens for the new designs of Buhay Bohemio Shirts are waiting to be stretched; New blings that I made and found are waiting to be photographed and posted for sale; Samples of shirts with directly hand-drawn designs are put aside along with my plans of producing Thai pants.

       My portraiture services needs some improvement. I feel that it falls short by just offering prints and not having a wide selection of frames. I've already spoken to my frame supplier and I need to come up with costs and  product images real soon. Oh and I remember that I have some unfinished original digital art that I have to get back to!

       Why there's work to do in this blog also. It needs more quality posts, additional widgets and links here and there. I haven't posted anything new under My Bohemian Fashion, which actually is one of the most viewed  posts in this blog. And that reminds me of the photo studio that I need to set up in the garage. But before I do that, I need to work on an improvised covering that I will put on the grill gate.

      What else? On the low priority list: There are songs I'd like to learn to play with the guitar and I want to record them too. Also I'd like to learn 3D rendering. Ah! I could go on and on and on...

      So many things to do and there's only me, myself and I to do all these. So when orders come, some things will be set aside - like product development and other creative undertakings. But that's okay, orders do bring in the money. 

      Some friends suggest that I hire people to do the other tasks for me. But the thing is, my work is creation and bohemians like me enjoy the process more than the goal. But I do admit that sometimes I wish there were 3 or 5 of me. 

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