Saturday, June 15, 2013

         I saw Man of Steel last night with friends. Real awesome if you ask me. I like the costume, the actor who played Superman ( Henry Cavill ); the special effects, his fights against opponents of equal strength; and most especially those scenes on planet Krypton, giving us a glimpse of its environment,  and the culture and technology of the Kryptonians.

      It really is a must-see movie even if you are not a big fan of Superman or any DC or Marvel character like  I am. I never get to develop an interest in reading superhero comics when I was a kid. But I did watch those stiff cartoons back in the 80's hehe.

      Superman the character was created by two American high school students in 1933 and they sold it to DC Comics 6 years after. And there had been 7 Superman movies already so we pretty much know about the story of this flying red-caped man with an S on his chest. ( It's not an S )

      So, what's so special about this 8th film? Well in my opinion, never has there been a movie where he looked so convincingly real - as a struggling human and an invulnerable alien. Yeah...

        But I still think Christopher Reeve has the perfect face and build for Superman. ^_^


  1. Nice, no? But some people are just so hard to please hehe. Too much expectations maybe.