Monday, June 17, 2013

The Bohemian Diet:
Breakfast Buffet at Somethin' Fishy

     If you are feeling hungry and happen to be around Eastwood sometime between midnight and 10 AM, then Somethin' Fishy is the place to go. My friends and I drove about 30 kms to try this out hehe.

     Your Php 178 can give you all that your tummy can  handle (beverages are ordered separately). Cheap huh? But the food does NOT taste cheap at all.  The variety of dishes is enough to satisfy your eclectic appetite. You want Pinoy breakfast? Chinese or American? Well they got it  right here. 

      Delicious, healthy and affordable - that's the bohemian diet. So I'm giving my two thumbs up for Somethin' Fishy breakfast buffet. ^_^

      Thanks to Thryke and Chogie for the pics!

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