Wednesday, July 24, 2013

          I only got to see Pacific Rim this evening. Busy schedules has again caused me to watch a movie alone and just a few days before it is taken out of the theaters. 

        Well, better late than never because big  robots such as these are best viewed on the big screen. The movie was just AWESOME! A real spectacle! Finally the decades-old concept, of piloted skyscraper-sized robots battling gigantic beasts, came to life through today's advanced 3D animation. Damn! Nothing's impossible in movies anymore.

      You're gonna watch the movie for the fight scenes of course and the fight scenes here will certainly not bore you. Because each Jaeger (super robot) and Kaiju (giant monster) has some tricks under their sleeves. Plus you will enjoy the realism of them tearing each other down (yeah, dents and cuts just won't do).

       I've read about the possibility of a sequel. I sooo can't wait! ^_^

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