Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nylon Gate Covers

        I mentioned in previous posts that I need to make some kind of covering on our grill gate. The purpose of which is to provide a bit of privacy when I do photography sessions in the garage. I asked about roll-up shades, and that's gonna cost me thousands of Pesos. Now that's not bohemian at all hehe.

      So I made these gate covers made of white nylon fabric and aluminum tubes. I sewed them up myself. Bought the nylon in a nearby fabric store for just PhP 35 per yard, and the 3/8" aluminum tubes in a nearby shop (why would I go to a store that's far away? hehe). Anyway, I only spent PhP 600 for everything. ^_^

       These nylon gate covers can be easily put away when not needed. I didn't want to cover the entire length of the gate to keep good ventilation. Also, I chose a thin white (and fast drying)  fabric so I could still enjoy some sunlight.

            From the inside.
           From outside.
            Hook-hangers made of thick wire.

        So what's the next step? Gonna get a gray photo backdrop. Well I'll see if I can improvise one also. ^_^

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