Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Room Gets a Makeover

       Our new house in Avida was finally rented to a new Korean-Filipino family. So I guess my parents and I are really stuck in this old and unkempt house in Alabang for the next couple of years or even more. 

         Accepting this fact, I decided to use my creative abilities to do something about the spaces that I dwell in (ones that I have some control of). The styleless-ness of which I have been trying to ignore for the longest time is actually getting in my nerves already. So I'm gonna bohemify these spaces - that is, to beautify without spending a lot.

Does this look like a room of a bohemian? Well it will soon be!

From a worn out yellow to an uneven concrete color.

        The entire second floor is practically mine. It has 2 rooms and a large balcony. I already started re-painting my bedroom, which was  my brother's room before he moved out and got married. My former room is now my big closet. I kept all my small decors there in a box for the meantime.

        I have these colors in mind for my room. I trust that I can pull these 7 colors off together. 

       Now this project will certainly take long to complete. There is a lot to do to transform this room and make it boho-worthy. I know I will have to put this project aside form time to time, to give way for work and other things. Aah! It's like I don't have enough things to do already!

        I sure hope to continue with the painting this weekend.

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