Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shopping for Curtains
- The Bohemian Way

       If you're shopping for curtains and budget is not a problem you would probably head for the nearest mall and buy those fancy curtains that could cost Php 400 to Php700  per panel. 

          And if you want to save a bit you'll go to a mall in Divisoria and find nice curtains priced at Php 250 to Php 300 per panel.

        But if you're bohemian, you're dead serious about finding opulent-looking curtains at a cheap price. So you really don't mind scouting the crowded streets of Divisoria on a hot afternoon.

       That's exactly what I did a few days ago along Ylaya Street. That's between Juan Luna and Tabora streets. There you will find a relatively large array of styles. Some designs you will not find in 168 Mall or any mall in the area. You can get really nice curtains for as low as Php 150 per panel.

       Browse through the curtains hanging by the street and look at the interesting patterns and textures. You can get a 3-piece set ( 1 sheer, 2 opaque ) for Php 500.

        Even if your budget is low you can still get fabulous curtains to compliment the style of your room. All you need is good taste and, well, tolerance for little defects like on these nice curtains sold at bargain prices.

         If you are not happy with the ready-made curtains along Ylaya Street, look at the raw fabrics. There are shops there that can make curtains for you. These drapery fabrics with bohemian prints cost only Php 45 per yard!

          I'm quite pleased with the curtains I bought. The trip to Divisoria was worth it. I'll show them to you when I'm done with my room's makeover. ^_^

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