Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Try To Remember a Kind of September

       How fast a month passes by! You will certainly wouldn't feel this way about August if you have not been busy. Well since it's already September, let me share to you this song from the 60's. I've first heard of this song through the version of The Brothers Four but here's Julie Andrews with her sweet voice to help you remember that kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow. =)

        And if you could actually remember, how do you follow? Especially if you're Pinoy. Here in the Philippines, when September comes we think about December and start counting the days before Christmas. You'll find that stores are already bringing out holiday decorations for sale and the sight of it  will either make you excited or anxious - or even both.

        Since I've became self-employed my holidays have been decked with deadlines.  This is gonna be the third Yuletide for Buhay Bohemio and it looks like I'll be working through the holidays again. I'm getting used to it. After all, it really isn't a bad thing - work is a blessing!  But I do admit that I miss spending the last few weeks of the year just relaxing and celebrating with friends and family.

       Actually, from where this song came from, September marks the end of Summer. It is a month where people usually mellow down from the fun and exhausting activities of  the season. I guess this song invites us to remember those relaxed moments which inspires us to look forward to the opportunity to experience it again.

         As for me, I'll try to remember that kind of September where the grass becomes greener and 500-peso bills are yellow. Hehehe! I will be needing the money for my room make-over! ^_^

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