Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BuhayBohemio Shirts:
CMYK Buddha

      Not really an original. I've seen this style on a t-shirt design book (which I regret not buying), only I don't recall who's face was on that shirt. But I thought using a Buddha bust would look cool. 

      Making this first samples was fun. It uses only a single screen and the different colors are placed freely, that is, without attaching the screen to the press. So for this design, no two shirts will be exactly alike. However this method only works on light colored shirts since dark shirts would need at least 2 coats of ink. That means the screen really has to be secured to a press to apply the second coat with precision.

      Well I could make this design available on a colored shirt, but with just a single Buddha print. Maybe purple print on a pink shirt? We'll see...

      Contact me if you want a shirt like this. ^_^

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