Friday, October 18, 2013

My Room Makeover:
Installing Shelves

    How do you like my shelves? Actually, I hoped for box shelves or floating shelves for a contemporary look. But those that you find in home improvement stores are quite pricey hehe. I would at least spend P3,000 for three 1-meter bracket-less shelves. I also thought of making the shelves myself but I don't want to use plywood and I couldn't find flat and wide wood in nearby stores. Besides, I'm a bad carpenter hehe. I'm not sure if I can saw in a straight line.

            Good thing I found these shelf kits at True Value in Alabang Town Center. I never thought you can actually find something cheap in there hehe. These 0.45 x 0.14 meter shelves is only Php 295 each. I got six of them. So a total of Php 1,770. There's also a 0.60 x 0.20 meter shelf kit for Php 350 and a 0.90 x 0.20 meter shelf for Php 450. I think they are made of pine wood because it's a bit heavier and harder that the local palochina wood. It is already sanded and ready for whatever finish you like. I applied a white-wash finish on mine. Well they look less contemporary but the rather rustic look of these shelves is more bohemian and suits my room just fine.

         Of course I installed the shelves myself, which was fun and frugal hehe. Luckily by brother has a power drill that I can borrow.

     So now that my shelves are on my wall I'm really itching to put my knick-knacks on them, which I have been keeping in a big box since I moved into this room. But I still have to do something about my floor. Hmmm...

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