Wednesday, February 26, 2014

     I just recently did a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. I only saw Dead Man's Chest (2006) and On Stranger Tides ( 2011) on the big screen.  Now I got  to see all four films thanks to The Pirate Bay. Where else can you find movies about pirates? LOL! Did you guys know that there's also a short film? Tales of the Code: Wedlocked, released in 2008 which serves as a prequel to The Curse of the Black Pearl.

     You know, I'd like to have a Jack Sparrow costume. I already have the hair for it hehe. The character's appearance is actually the collaboration between costume designer Penny Rose and the actor Johnny Depp himself. The rock n' roll approach to pirates was his idea. That includes the dreadlocks with all the hair ornaments, the eye make-up and braided goatee. Jack's weird behavior was in fact Depp's defiance to how the character was originally written. Because of all that, Captain Jack Sparrow became the most loved pirate of the 2000's decade.

      Hmm... If I work on the costume bit by bit, maybe it will be complete by the release of the 5th film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, in 2016. ^_^

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