Sunday, March 2, 2014

Duplicating an Existing
Portrait Painting

      One of the digital painting projects of last month is of this couple which is copy of a real oil painting from the 70's. I can tell by the man's collar hehe. A watermark at the lower right of painting says Mermaid Art, Manila. Probably a portraiture company of the time. 

      Anyway, my client wanted a smaller copy of the original painting  (of her in-laws). So she took a picture of the portrait with her smart phone and sent it to me. (Hover your mouse cursor on the image above to see the original painting.)

      Though the source image is already a painting I still added brushstrokes and canvas texture, and enhanced the color as well. Oh and I also gave the mister more hair and made him smile a bit hehe. Thanks to today's imaging technology, old portraits, be it a photo or painting, can be duplicated, re-sized  with a chance for improvement.

       So is there a portrait you want copied and enhanced? Contact me! ^_^

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