Monday, March 31, 2014

The Bohemian Diet:
Joe Kuan's Laki Mangkok

      A recent visit to Las Piñas City gave me the chance to savor a favorite noodle soup that I used to order when I was working in the area. Joe Kuan has been around for decades. I remember their contemporaries like Kowloon house, and also Chow King that grew into a fast food chain.

     Joe Kwan, however, continued serving their good food in kiosks and food court stalls in some malls around the Metro. The one I visited is their old kiosk at the corner of CV Starr Avenue. and Alabang-Zapote Road. I ordered their Laki Mangkok which is a noodle soup that has "everything" on it. So in this big bowl you get noodles, wanton, chunks of beef, strips of chicken meat, slices of hard broiled egg, and also pork asado which sauce adds a special taste to the broth. An order of this delicious and filling noodle soup is only Php 110. Very Bohemian!

      Most of you would probably think of big restaurants like North Park or  Luk Yuen for noodle soup. I really suggest that you try Joe Kuan's Laki Mangkok if there's a branch near you. You'll really be surprised by what a small kiosk can offer you.  ^_^

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