Monday, April 14, 2014

Have Coffee like a
Batangueño at Cafeño

        I was in San Juan, Batangas last Sunday and spent most of the day in my friend's ancestral house. While showing me around town his folks brought me to this nice coffee shop that is along Gen. Luna St. at the corner of Rizal St.

         Cafeño opened only in 2006 but the house where it is situated is probably from the 30's. In the late 40's a gas station used to operate here - Mobilgas, the very first in town.

     I just love the charmingly rustic interior with the checkered floors and old sewing machine tables.

     If you get to visit, try their Spiked Barako. It's iced kapeng barako, a coffee varietal, spiked with lambanog, a kind of vodka made from coconut. A large glass is only Php 100. Both coffee and liquor are distinct products of the province of Batangas. Oh try also their Tamales, a kind of suman (rice cake). Goes well with a hot cup of barako. ^_^

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