Monday, May 26, 2014

A Surge of T-Shirt Orders

     It started late in April and continued through May and it looks like some of the shirts will be printed by June. A total of 66 BuhayBohemio Shirts ordered by 8 people, most of whom I know personally. I wonder what caused this series of shirt buying. Usually Facebook friends  order a shirt or two after they see a design that they like from a photo I posted of recent prints. 

     Perhaps the online catalog that I launched early  last month is doing its job. When someone inquires I lead them to the website. I guess the ease of browsing for products there  induced them to buy more than a single shirt. Or maybe it just so happened that a number of my friends needed new set of shirts, all at the same time LOL.

    Well these orders sure kept me busy for the past 3 weeks. They've delayed some things, like the development of new products and also some personal projects. But of course these are good delays. I've earned back what I've spent in my recent Bicol trip hehe...  Argh! I'm yet to post about the rest of the trip!

     You know, printing different designs takes longer than printing the same number of shirts of a single design. And with these orders I certainly felt the disadvantage of not having printed stocks, during the warmest month of the year! Whew! Really exhausting!

     Anyways, I'd like to express my gratitude to my customers for their support for Buhay Bohemio. Thank you Cesar, Eric, Sir Ramon and family, Boss Vic, Jowie, Chaps, Elwel and friends, and Leandro. ^_^


  1. I love your work! I'm happy with the shirts. Amazed how good the quality is and you are selling it half the price (probably even less than half) of shirts available in malls. You are really talented. :) we look forward to more designs!

    -Elwel's friend

  2. Well thank YOU for supporting the local small-time artists like me. You guys inspire us to create more and more. ^_^