Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Caramoan Adventure:
Lunch at The Manlawi Sandbar

     Lahuy is the largest among Caramoan's islands and the Manlawi Sandbar located at the East side of Lahuy is the mother of all sandbars in Caramoan. It is so vast that it looked like a wet desert. Depending on the tide, the water level varies between your ankles and your thighs.

     Since we will be island-hopping all day, we brought lunch with us on the boat. Our lunch was lovingly prepared and packed for us by Caramoan Gardens Restaurant. Well it's part of the package tour deal hehe. Out here you will either have your lunch in Cotivas Island where there are picnic huts, or here in Manlawi on picnic rafts.

     Because there were a lot of tourist, we had to wait in our boat for a while for an available picnic raft. That's Chogie who seized  this nice floating hut for us.

     Now this is the life! Enjoying a good meal in a beautiful place with your good friends! After having lunch we just hung around, or should I say "floated" around in this raft enjoying the view and the chit chat. Then the tide started to get even lower and we had to leave. Otherwise, we would have to push our boat to the edge of this vast sandbar.

     We chose to go back to Sabitang Laya to kill some time because it was too early to go to our last destination for the day, located in another town of mainland Caramoan. Watch out for it in the coming posts. ^_^

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