Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Portrait for Mr. Attorney

      It has been a long while since I last made a digital portrait painting. Mainly because I haven't done anything to market this service. Until now I still haven't created a new website for it since the demise of Multiply. I used to maintain an ad on Sulit and I haven't made a new one since they changed to OLX. I really need to make time for this but lately, time is used mostly on BuhayBohemio T-Shirts.

         Well after over 5 months someone commissioned me to do this portrait. My new client is a sister of a previous client who's actually one of my best clients. (Yeah, referrals is the way to go.) This artwork is for her special someone who I'll call Mr. Attorney. I'm actually acquainted to the man. He has this awesome ancestral house from 1930's in Batangas, in which this painting will be displayed. (Click on the image to see a closer look at the artwork.)

      This is actually the first time someone orders a framed print and I'm quite happy with the finished product. The print came out okay and the frame looks really classy. I must say that it's amazing how a frame seems to level up the beauty of an artwork. It even contributes to the illusion of the painting effect on this printed canvas.

       I got a bit inspired, really. I plan to meet my new found framer again and come up with standard frames for my digital portraiture services. Now I really hope I can make time to work on the website and ads.

        Aside from being inspired I'm also a bit envious. I want a framed self-portrait this big! Or even bigger! o_O

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