Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First Try on Vinyl Prints

      A regular client of mine for digital paintings knows that I also do screen printing  and she asked if I could customize a couple of shirts for her.  But I recommended vinyl prints instead. Because if only a single shirt or two is needed, vinyl would be best, especially if the design only uses simple solid fonts and geometric shapes. It's faster to produce and costs less, as compared to having the same design screen-printed on a few shirts. Another thing, vinyl prints can also last like silk-screened prints.

     So these two shirts above are for her. A birthday gift for her dad, the grandpa of her two kids. I had them done in a "personalize it" shop in a nearby mall.

     In vinyl printing, a machine is used to cut the needed shapes from a thin sheet of colored vinyl. Then a heat press is used to permanently fasten the vinyl to the shirt.  You can have a simple shirt done for less than P300. Even less if you bring your own shirt. My tip is that you use a thick cotton-polyester shirt. Though vinyl can be used on most shirt fabrics, I find that thick, less stretchable, and wrinkle-free shirts blend well with vinyl prints.

    I have been meaning to have shirts done for my own personal use. Lucky for me, I have the same vector editing software that these shops use to operate their cutter plotter, and not to mention the adeptness. Plus I have my own stock of blank shirts. So producing a vinyl printed t-shirt is really such a breeze!  ^_^

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