Sunday, October 12, 2014

Board Game Lounge, Anyone?

     Just last night my friends and I had dinner in BF, Parañaque City and on our way out we saw this new board game lounge, Puzzles, so we stopped over to check it out.  I remember that we once went to Ludo, a similar establishment in Quezon City but we didn't get to play any games because the place was jam packed that night on a Saturday.

     Well I must say that Puzzles, located at 287 Aguirre Avenue, is more spacious and I love the contemporary styled interior. The staff are friendly too. They got a fairly wide range of board and card games that you can try. They charge Php 100 per player for the use of one game set. 

     As I recall and if I'm not mistaken, Ludo doesn't charge for the use of the game materials. You go there and buy a snack or just a drink and that entitles you to play all you want. While at Puzzles, you pay to play games and enjoy some food... that you will also pay for of course hehe. I ordered just a small cup of cafe au lait for a price that could already get you a venti-sized beverage at Starbucks. "Why not just buy new card games and let's play them at Starbucks?", a friend jokingly asked. He's got a point, you know.

       The concept of a board game lounge is quite new here in the Philippines. It feels more for the barkada than for the family, unless the kids are already in their teens at least. And people have different preferences when it comes to their environment while playing board or card games. In lounges like these, expect a lot of noise. Everybody shares one big room that has no acoustic treatment so you'll pretty much hear the HOORAYs of scoring players, ARRGHs of the losers,  and the  HAHAHAs of other participants.

     We made our own loud heckling of course, while playing Cards Against Humanity - a nasty adult game that I played for the first time. It was boring at the start but it got really funny towards the end. I think we finished the game around 1 AM. A fun experience, yeah. Will we come back? Ummmmaybe.


  1. ano items sa menu nila sir? & how their coffee?

  2. Hi. As I can remember, meron silang cookies, pastries, and sandwiches. The coffee? too small a serving for me to notice the taste hehe.