Thursday, November 6, 2014

Manila Art 2014: Crossing Borders

     Well I'm certainly glad that despite my busy schedule I found the time to visit  Manila Art 2014, that was held October 16th to 19th at SMX Aura, Global City. And after 18 days I finally got the chance to blog about it, squeezing this between graphic projects.

      Anyway, this is my third visit to a Manila Art fair and they are on their 6th year in promoting the best of our country's creative artistry. I took a lot of pictures and I'm sharing here a few of my favorites. Click on the TV screenshots for a closer look.

         The first artwork that I snapshot is this one by Reyber Ramos entitled "Versus". Acrylic and graphite on canvas. Just as cool as his works that I saw 2 years ago, of a dude with a doberman head and another with a rottweiler.

          Cute, huh? Sanrio meets Rock. "The Kiss of Kitty" by Onard Bancaya. Metalic pen and vinyl.

      One of the galleries featured these small works or various medium.  A wall full of small paintings could be equally as interesting as a wall with few large paintings. I should develop a habit of making small 2D artworks in random - as if I have the time!

      This balancing sculpture is made of painted steel. The blue part spins. "Wings of the City" by Gil Corcuerra.

       The superb detail of this painting can never go unnoticed. "Apat na Sugo" (Four Messengers), acrylic on canvas by Eros Basilio.

     Does this look like Hell? Naked men wrestling in the mud, others trying to climb a cyclone wire fence. Sounds like heaven to some people I know. LOL. "On Earth", a large oil painting by Orley Ypon.

          I have a fascination for skull-themed art. It must be the dark side of me. "Retaliate" by Tyago Almario.

       Somebody has made something pretty (and prickly) from toothpicks. I bet this will look good as a lamp.

     If making fine art from regular stuff is awesome, making fine art from trash is twice the awesomeness. This is made of scrap metal by Sam Penaso.

     A pair of Maranao inspired sculptures. Of all ethnic groups in the Philippines I find  Maranao aesthetics as the most elegant.

      The work of a true master: "The Triumph of Life Over Death" by Romulo Galicano, depicts a scene in the aftermath of Yolanda, the storm that caused great damage in Eastern Visayas last year. 

     Looks like somebody has been toying with the image of Santo Niño. Well if medieval Christians can depict the child Jesus as an earthly king, why can't we depict him as a superhero? After all Christ is indeed the one true superhero.

     Contemporary interpretations of classical art has always gotten my attention and I really love this work by Christian Tamondong. It's the Birth of Venus and Raggedy Anne mash up LOL. The Painting version is just as lovely.

       "The Cat and the Owl" by Tom Jopson. I simply love this painting because it shows two  of my favorite familiars, I mean, creatures hehe. Does anyone recall the 1871 nonsense poem by Edward Lear, "The Owl and the Pussycat" where the two creatures got married and danced hand-in-hand on the sand in the moonlight?

       Darna meets Wonder Woman in this remarkable work by Lhee Taneo entitled "White Brown Pillage". If you've seen shell craft, this is fine shell art. Yup, this is a mosaic made of little shells.

      I took a lot of pictures than I did last year and the year before that. I guess that's an indication that Manila Art is showing more and more quality art each year. I have a total of 101 photos to share to you, if you missed the show. Click on the screenshot above and enjoy! ^_^

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