Monday, December 29, 2014

Portrait Projects of Holiday 2014

      After Customized Chic made a cut-off for holiday orders, on the first week of December, I finally got to concentrate on making these digital portraits. I meant "concentrate" as having most of my waking time spent on these images. I still had to work on a few monogrammed stamps and trays and even printed shirts on the side. 

    Yeah, this has got to be my most hectic holiday ever. Deadlines were tight so I went cramming! Eight of the portraits must  be delivered before Christmas Eve so I had to brave Manila's pre-Christmas traffic to have them printed and delivered on the 23rd. There was no time left for contingency. Despite the circumstance of wrong print sizes and unavailability of the preferred matte canvas, I was able to deliver the goods right on schedule.

       So anyway, I made a total of 16 artworks and most are family portraits - that's 89 faces all in all. (I still have a couple of portraits pending for January.) A few of the portraits were ordered with frame and it really gives me such delight to see my work as a finished product. Very inspiring! I really wish I could start working on a new official website for this creative service of mine.

       If you want to have a closer look at the portraits, click on the images below  ^_^

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