Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year-End Shirt Orders

    Well the year is almost over and I'm  glad the deliveries of December have all been done. I was still able to enjoy Christmas with family and close friends, and it looks like I'll also be celebrating a stress-free New Year's Eve.

      I'd say that this year's holiday season is busier than of the past 3 years. Mainly because I have monogram projects now, aside from the usual digital paintings and shirts.

       Do you know how many BuhayBohemio Shirts I've sold this holiday season? Only 12 LOL. These are for a friend who's also a regular customer. Ordered in mid November but I only got to deliver them 3 days before Christmas. Because I was so busy working on monograms for Customized Chic, I didn't have the time to market my shirts. Well I thought I couldn't accommodate shirt orders anyway. At that time portrait orders are waiting to be done.

        I usually don't accept orders of customized screen-printed shirts nowadays especially if the quantity is too few to outsource. But I just couldn't decline this one by our neighbor who runs a small barbecue business -  because their family has been really nice to us! Luckily it's just 20 pieces with a single-color print. She ordered them in November but I only got work on them  21st of December. I remember printing these shirts on the daytime then work on portraits at night until 2 AM!

       And the last order of shirts for 2014 are these 199Jobs shirts for my friend Fitz. Ordered 2 days before the delivery date. Well it's no sweat because it's just 7 pieces and the stencil is on standby and ready to use. This is actually the 3rd batch of 199Jobs shirt prints. The first 2 batches were printed September and December last year. By the way, are you a freelancer too? Check out 199jobs.com. There might be a service you can offer for Php 199.

       Well that sums up all the work done this holiday season of 2014. I still have pending portrait and t-shirt orders for January, and also a few marketing images for Customized Chic. Maybe I'll take my time off from working by mid January and do creative non-profitable stuff for a month! ^_^

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