Friday, March 20, 2015

Frivolously Fussing
About Being Forty

          Do you see any wrinkles?  No, I didn't erase anything away with Photoshop hehe.

         So yeah, I am now 40 years old and I'm certainly glad to be Asian! I'm not really sure what makes us look younger than we really are. Well I think  it's genetic and I've kept a healthy lifestyle hoping to double the effect. ^_^
     You know, I wonder what it is about turning 40 that gets a person caught in moments of sentimentality. The other day I was looking at my old photo albums  (tangible ones containing photos taken with cameras that uses film). And yesterday I was reading some pages in my old (hand-written) journals.

    Perhaps because it's time to say goodbye to being young. You probably want to interject right here and argue that 40 is NOT old. Of course it's not old. Forty is neither young nor old - it is the age limbo hehe. If 35 to 45 is the pime years of the human body, then 40 would be the summit. Then it's all downhill from there. When you're 46 you can still argue that you are not old - but you're surely getting close heehee.

    But old is just a state of mind and age is just a number, right? Then hitting 40 should be no big deal. It's like passing through a welcome arch, you pull over to take selfies - nothing of excitment. But if you  dread seeing that 40KM marker along the highway which we call life, now that would be a problem.  If you  feel that way, that could only mean that there's a life lesson that you missed in your journey. Perhaps you were too busy enjoying the view - of someone else's road?  Or maybe it embarrasses you not to arrive in a fancy ride? Anyway, I really don't want to trigger a midlife crisis on anyone with this post hehe

    You see, we have only one year on top of the mountain (in the graph of our assumed life expectancy) and there is no other perfect time to R, R and R :

    REMINISCE. Look back down and remember all those moments in your life before you got  here. Yup, the good and the bad.  REFLECT on those moments in every aspect of your life and extract the lesson from the experience. And finally, and most importantly, RID. Yes get rid of those things you don't need in your life. Throw them down the cliff! That could be anything -  unrealistic goals, sky-high standards, destructive relationships, false sense of success, things you do that really only pleases others, objects that make you feel somebody that you are not...

     Yeah there are so many! And I really want to feel light when I start my graceful descent on the other side of the mountain carrying only the ring of talent, the amulet of skill, the  orb of experience, the scepter of knowledge, and the crown of wisdom... and a blood pressure monitor maybe LOL! Oh and of course God's grace! Yes we will be needing all of these to handle the best and the worst down there!  ^_^


  1. Im 44 but i dont look like one..hehe.. it all depends on how we look at things and not how they are in themselves.. and yes.BP monitor! whether we like it or not once we reach 40s.

  2. That's right Pauie! Lucky us!!! Hehe

  3. so true... GODbless..