Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Revisiting the National Museum

    A week ago I went to National Museum  with a couple of blogger buddies. My last visit was in October 2012 during the Museum Month when admission to the galleries is free. Now after 3 years I became curious about what improvements and newly acquired artworks I will find there. 

   It just so happens that May is National Heritage Month.  So again I didn't have to buy a ticket to get in. ^_^

      Originally a mortuary statue, this work by Tolentino stands behind the wall on which Juan Luna's Spoliarium  is hung. Yeah I simply had to look at that grand old painting again no matter how dark and depressing the subject may be.

     There is just no reason for not visiting the National Museum in this very warm summer season. You get to see awesome works for free and the galleries are fully air-conditioned! ^_^

      Even the corridors display art. That's how many artworks are exhibited here now.

    One of my favorite galleries here. I just love the orange walls, black and white checkered floors and of course the antique rebultos.

    Nothing compares to seeing the works of Filipino art masters in-person and up-close.

     It's my first time to see this painting by Juan Luna. It is a full-body and seemingly larger-than-life portrait. Her identity was never established but you'll read about clues of who she might be. There are about 4 candidates.

      This self-portrait by Juan Luna was done in Paris during the Belle Epoque, the birthplace of bohemianism.

      My visit to the National Museum wouldn't be complete without seeing this beautiful space - the Old Senate Hall. This would make a lovely venue for grand balls and conciertos.

   Do visit the National Museum this May while the entrance is free. You still have 11 days to go. (They are closed on Mondays). Well if you miss it and you're also a boho in a state of frugality, try again this October.  :-P

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