Monday, June 1, 2015

New BuhayBohemio T-Shirt:
The Dreamcatcher Tee

    Now this is my very first t-shirt design that started from a drawing done by my own hand. (The Baybayin T-Shirt is second.) I really should make more shirts like this.

    I should also try to make a real dreamcatcher and I want a big one. Most of what I see in shops are just way too small and I didn't like the flashy colors.

     Authentic dreamcatchers are made by Native Americans, originally the Ojibwe people. They make hoops from willow branches and weave a "spiderweb" made of nettle fiber. Then they decorate it with sacred objects such as beads and feathers. They hung them above their beds to "catch" dreams. Bad dreams get trapped in net, good dreams flow to the feathers and down to the sleeper below it. In the morning, the bad dreams disappear in the light of the sun. Cool, huh?


     My Dreamcatcher Tees are also available in aqua blue with white print for both men's and ladies' shirts. Black shirts and tank tops are also available with turquoise prints. White shirts and tank tops are also available with brown and light blue prints.  Want one? Send me a message! ^_^

   So now I already have 35 active t-shirt designs available. That's enough to fill a display rack... You know, I gave this some thought. I decided to take my time off from developing new t-shirt designs and concentrate on producing printed stocks... probably until the end of the year. I am quite convinced that with ready-made shirts on hand I will be more confident in marketing my products and I can always be available to sell shirts on events and in bazaars.

     Well maybe I can still squeeze in a few new shirts before the year ends. Or perhaps other products? Let's see... O_o

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