Friday, July 3, 2015

Breaking News

     Just when my little business has achieved  BREAK-even, some of my stuff are now  BREAKING down and it BREAKS my heart to get my piggy bank BROKEN and spend for repairs and replacements. Now I am BROKE.  LOL!

     Don't worry, folks. Though bohemianism involves voluntary poverty, I don't think I'll end up famished. My God-given talents will save me from that.

      But I really did make some major spending since May. I spent a total of  Php 6,000 on motorcycle repair and maintenance. I am yet to shell out around Php 5,000 for a new pair of tires. Two weeks ago I swiped my credit card to buy a new laptop that's about Php 33,000. You know the story of my old lappy that today is just like a CPU (with an external monitor and keyboard, and a battery that doesn't work anymore). Now it is running low on disk space and memory.

     I'm also running low on table space haha. So I'm gonna buy a 2nd hand table that's long and shallow so I can finally put the two lappies next to each other and transfer files and install programs while I continue working.

    You know what? One of my regular clients, the one I design monograms for, donated Php 5,000 for my new laptop. It really is very very kind of her! She also gave me her old scanner-printer last Christmas. When my long table gets here I'll finally get to unwrap that gift hehe.

    Anyway, this is how it really is. Material things wear and tear. You need to spend money to make more money. More money is good. But for me more money meant less time for other things. Well someday, there will be enough money to hire other people to do the work and that would mean more time for me to do art that is more to my liking. Someday...

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