Friday, July 17, 2015

Worn-out Wheels Replaced
    And so finally I get to replace the tires of my old bike. I have not replaced them since I got the bike in 2001! It took a while before I could find the sizes that I need (front:18, rear:15). There aren't any in the shops here in the Southern part of the Metro and I had to ride all the way to Manila for these Shinko tires. Many thanks to Lito of Triumph JT Marketing who had one of the tires brought to the Manila branch from Caloocan City.

    The two tires are not from the same model series but at least they seem to have a similar tread pattern. Cost me Php 6,200 *sigh* hehe. They don't look like old-timer wheels but they will have to  do. I really don't have a choice. Like if I find a nice classic tread on the catalog for the rear wheel, the size for the front is not available. Actually I'd like a knobby type just like what I see on some real WW2 army motorcycles. But they say it's not advisable for street use. Well, the needed sizes are not available anyway.

   So now that my bike has new tires I hope I find the time to retouch the paint and add a more 3-dimensional rust texture. Also of course I hope get to go riding out of town again - often!

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