Saturday, January 23, 2016

Eucalyptus Marvelus!

You know I think it would really be nice if I always have fresh cut flowers in my room. But that means I will have to replace them after a few days when they wither, and that would be expensive
(especially if you don't have a field of roses and lilies in your back yard). Well there are artificial flowers, but I'm no fan of such no matter how amazingly realistic they are.

   Cut foliage can also be used to decorate your home and it's quite in. Of course not all leafy stalk you find in your garden has a long vase life and you can't keep cutting from that poor plant hehe. Then I remember there's a kind of tree with leaves that doesn't wilt, turn brown, or fall off even when it dries up. And it's fragrant too. Yup, eucalyptus! I don't think they grow here in the Philippines but they're available.

   The other day I went to Dangwa, Manila's cut-flower center to get me some of them leaves. If you buy from a flower shop in a mall, a small branch will cost you Php 195. At Dangwa, 2 or 3 lush branches is only Php 150. You can also buy dried eucalyptus for Php 100.  I bought Php 500 worth of dried eucalyptus hehe yeah I want to make a statement with it. Now my room smells like a spa.

   Dried eucalyptus can last for many many years! Even if the fragrance fades you can revive it by pouring hot water through it to release the oils that are packed inside each leaf. The scent that these leaves emit can increase brain activity and counter physical and mental fatigue. In fact sniffing eucalyptus leaves can increase your energy. Surely you've read about what other awesome things you can do with eucalyptus leaves and it's oil.

   Anyway, I'm really loving this new addition to my room. A simple arrangement that's not just aesthetic but holistic. Why, it's so bohemian!  


  1. this is helpful - do they always have eucalyptus leaves in Dangwa? thanks

  2. Hi! Which stall sells eucalyptus? Can you share where in Dangwa? Thanks

  3. How many sticks per bunch or dried eucalyptus? Would you happen to know if there’s also dried lavender ? Thanks

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