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El Bohemio in El Nido:
The Sea Cocoon Experience

    An invitation to see a new hotel in El Nido paved the way to a 7-day vacation in Palawan last September. The owners are actually my former employers. After working as designer in their exporting company from 2000 to 2005, I still sometimes do freelancing work for them and still address them as my "Boss Vic" and "Boss Benjie".

    And I feel real proud that in my first visit to El Nido I get to stay in what TripAdvisor.Com ranked as  number 1 of the 82 B&B hotels and inns in the area. That certainly is pretty impressive for a hotel that has just opened it's doors just over a year ago.

   So, really, what made Sea Cocoon #1? How is it different from other hotels in El Nido? Well honestly, I can only guess haha because it's my first time there so I've never tried  other accommodations. But maybe with this little virtual tour we can figure out the secret to their success ;-)

    Maybe it's the location? Sea Cocoon is built along a less crowded part of Real Street within the poblacion (town proper) yet it is still just two blocks away from Bacquit Bay where your island hopping tour begins. Any shop or restaurant you need is at walking distance from the hotel.

    Maybe it's the architecture? While others look rustic or stark, here's a brightly-colored modern-style building that is newly built. That naturally gives an impression that everything in it is new and that they are up-to-date when it comes to hotel services and management (and it feels that they are!)

   I personally like the architecture.  The look  is somewhat De Stijl that's made subtle by the use of teal blue.

    Maybe because they have a pool? Hihi!  I've heard that this so far the only hotel in the area that has a pool that is inviting enough for you to take a dip. If you just can't get enough of El Nido's crystal-clear waters during your island hoping tour, you can continue soaking yourself here while enjoying a bottle of beer or two... or three. Oh you should see how pretty the pool looks at night when it's lighted up.

A view from Sea Cocoon's roof top: 
Baquit Bay and Cadlao Island - El Nido's largest island 
with the highest rock mountain reaching 609 meters above sea level.

Taraw Cliff as seen from Sea Cocoon's viewing deck. 
Mt Taraw welcome mountaineers and there's a zip-line too.

   Maybe because they have a viewing deck?  ^_^ The hotel is 4 storeys high and I think there are just 3 or 4 buildings in town that reaches this height limit. But not all of them will let their guests access their roof deck, if they at all have one. Just ask one of Sea Cocoon's friendly staff and they will gladly show you the way to the viewing deck so you will get a nice vista of the town, the distant Baquit Bay and Mt.Taraw.

     Maybe it's the maaliwalas interior? In Tagalog, there is one word to describe a place that is  spacious, bright, and well ventilated and that is "maaliwalas".  Sea Cocoon's ground floor is open-spaced and tastefully decorated, giving that cozy homey feel.

The guest's lounge area.

Sending a few emails before going to the beach.

The Breakfast hall.

If it's bright and sunny outside, so too inside Sea Cocoon.

    I'd be happy to sleep on this couch if  they let me LOL. 
Looks even cozier than the beds of some inns.

   Maybe it's their super comfy rooms?  They let me stay  in a Premium Double Room. It is quite spacious. Has a mini fridge. Also has a balcony. Well every room in Sea Cocoon has a balcony haha. They are not for drying your swimwear, okay? LOL. The hotel has a laundry service, by the way.

   After a day of island hopping I still feel excited because I'm coming back to a hotel room with high levels of comfort. Believe me, sometimes it makes you want to forget about the beach and just stay in bed and watch TV all day!

People-watching on my room's balcony.

    Their beds use memory-foam mattresses and pillows.
So this bed remembered everything I did in it LOL.

     Every room has a big flat-screen TV,  open cabinets,  a safe deposit box, 
and the doors use keycard locks. 

     The bathrooms are spacious and is kept squeaky clean. Makes you want to take long 
warm baths (and selfies lol) under the rain shower-head.

       Take your pick! Sea Cocoon has 6 other room sizes that will fit you and your 
company's needs.  

  Okay,  maybe it's the breakfast? Oh I look forward to breakfast each morning at Sea Cocoon. Why not? They offer unli-cereal, unli-juice, and some fruits. And you can have as many cups as you want of their must-try Sea Cocoon Brewed Coffee! Their breakfast menu offers 12 options. A selection of Filipino, American and other Western breakfast cuisines.

            Had an American breakfast on my 4th day in El Nido.

     They say that the French toast is a favorite here at Sea Cocoon.
I tried it and it is now my favorite too. Had this for two consecutive mornings!

    I couldn't think of more  probable reasons why Sea Cocoon is TripAdvisor.Com's #1.  Hmm well maybe it's because of these adorable chow dogs!
      Chillin' with the dogs at the lobby of  Sea Cocoon. That's Cina on the left
and Joe Black on right.

  Cina guarding her post  = )

       Siblings Joe Black and  Banja in the breakfast hall.  I am chums with their late father Cino.
My boss would sometimes bring him to the office in Las Piñas City.


     Ah! I guess I'll never know what made Sea Cocoon Hotel #1. But I do know that the hotel has made my El Nido vacation even more awesome!

    If you are planning to see El Nido try staying at Sea Cocoon and experience it yourself! For reservations visit SeaCocoon.Com  ^_^

   Up next:  My island-hopping adventure!

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