Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Art Watching At The
Art Fair Philippines 2017

  Hello my dear readers! Long time no post haha. You can probably guess why. Well I'm gonna try not to keep saying that I'm busy when the truth is that I'm just bad when it comes to managing my time hihi. Anyway, if you follow my Instagram you'd see that I have been printing shirts again, and I'm glad that I've finished a project just in time to see this year's Art Fair.

    I went to the Art Fair with my fashion designer friend Ronnie. That was last Saturday, February 18th, at The Link car park building. When we got there at 2 PM,  the line to the elevator was pretty long already and being inside the venue feels like being in a mall on a sale. You will really have to be patient, quick, and clever if you want to take a picture of a popular free-standing artwork without capturing somebody else's head or butt.

    Well even if you can't spend more than 60 seconds admiring an artwork up close to look at every minute detail, in consideration to the mob of phone-cam photographers, let's just be glad that more and more Filipinos are appreciating art - and that is good news to our local artists.

   Anyway, being a smartphone photographer myself hihi, I took photos of some interesting works and I'm sharing a few favorites here  in this post. Click the photo for a closer look.  Enjoy! ^_^

Deco - Deconstruction 2017. The first artwork that caught 
my eye. It's a print and I'm glad that digital art is finding 
it's way into galleries and art shows.

I just love this beadweaving by Karl Castro.

I'm not a fan of neon colors but this work is superb!
"Hyper Overdrive" by Jood Clarino

Looks familiar, right? The plastic bottle craft sold on sidewalks
has leveled up. "Green Wall" by Francis Commeyne.

I love everything about this painting. 
"Down Town" by John Paul Antido.

"Silence". Sculpture by Anton Del Castillo.
I have a thing for post-apocalyptic and dystopia themes.

I failed to get the title and artist of this work.
It's just an awesome piece. This will look good on a t-shirt.

Rough and heavily textured brushstrokes seem to be a trend this year.
This one's by Jonathan Ching.

It's  made of coral. Cool huh?
"Relic 1" by Oliver Halili.

It's the Hindu Goddess Kali!
Cast stone sculpture by Agnes Arellano

I'd buy this if  I can afford it haha.
"24 Oras" by Anthony Palomo

The illusion of fathomless depth produced by the works
of  Mark Justiniani will always  allure me. This time he lets us
walk over it and see if you'll feel some acrophobia.

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