Friday, June 8, 2018

BuhayBohemio Tshirts & Tanks:
The Silent Re-Launch

So I finally re-launched BuhayBohemio Tshirts & Tanks. I hoped for a grand re-opening. You know, like announcing it avidly on FB complete with flashy pics. But instead it was rather a sneaky kind hihi!

  Late last month I started uploading pics on the BuhayBohemio FB page then I had to put the page on unpublish mode because people are starting to inquire haha. It took a while - uploading all those pics and adding product information, also changing some settings in the page.

  So now there are 38 print designs available and  I have about 270 pieces of printed tops (t-shirts and tank tops) in hand, filling two big cargo boxes. That sounds like a lot but the stocks are really limited. Like some shirt designs have only 4 to 8 pieces in varied sizes. A few designs have only one piece available haha! That's why I'm not too confident about promoting them just yet.

  Because I uploaded the album last month and re-published the page just a few days ago, none of its followers saw it hehehe. Which is a good thing. I did tell a few people about it - those who have been waiting for me to re-open. One ordered a number of pieces and I had to orient him on how to order in my FB page. The first step is to post a comment to reserve the item to yourself, because, like I've mentioned, stocks are limited and I don't do print-when-ordered anymore. First to reserve, first to get the item. (But one can post a request if the needed size is not available). His purchase was like a trial in the process of ordering and I saw that I need to make changes on the page settings like putting the latest comment at the bottom of the thread instead of the default: new comment on top - which can be confusing to most FB users.

  Anyway, I have 5 new designs out for sale:

      The Los Anitos Tshirt, showing various bul-ol statues. Anito refers to spirits (ancestor spirits, nature spirits, and deities) in the indigenous animistic religions of precolonial Philippines. A bul-ol, on the other hand, is a carved human figurine into which a certain anito (such as the Ifugao rice god) is said to incorporate itself when worshiped. I've always been fascinated by the aesthetic culture of the indigenous people of the Cordillera Region. Maybe I'll design a lingling-o symbol t-shirt next.

     My Good Vibes Tshirt. Being a graphic artist that handles a lot of fonts, I became interested in fancy typography and saw a lot of gorgeous works on Pinterest. Why use just one font to present a phrase or short sentence, right?  So many beautiful words, so many beautiful fonts, so little time! Haha! I hope you like my first typography shirt. I will make this available in different colors.

   Eight Ball Tanktop. When one says he is "behind the eight ball" that means he's in an unpleasant situation.  Because in the game of billiards, when the cue ball is behind the eight ball, a player usually has no shot hehe. The eight ball has become a symbol of a lot of things including both bad luck and good fortune. The phrase itself has many different meanings. Do you want to be called an eight ball? Either you are that annoying person that people like to avoid OR the last person one should mess with? So you wanna a buy a tanktop? Hehe! Will make this available on shirts too.

    Nefertiti Tshirt. This is my second Egyptian themed shirt. The first one is the Ankh Tshirt which is still available. I've always been fascinated by ancient Egyptian art. I thought I should  design a shirt as tribute to the original wicked queen hehe.

    Mayan Tshirt.  What fan of the ancient world would not be eluded by the Mayan calendar?  Their intricate carvings in stone are just amazing. Their ornamental style is quite unique. Maybe I would make a print of their hieroglyphics in the next batch of designs.

  I also have some old designs that are now available in new colors of shirts:

   My King of Weed Tshirt is now available in avocado green. Will also make this available in light khaki. Actually I made a little change in the design - I added the edge of the card. It made the print smaller than the first design but I think it looks better this way.

  The Ganja Farm Tshirt is now available in pine green. This is one of my oldest designs. I should make another cannabis inspired shirt. Perhaps one that pushes for the legalization of medical marijuana.

   So there, I finally relaunched my shirts after a hiatus of over 2 years, I think. I'm just gonna serve the first order than I will share the album on my personal FB then everybody will see it.  I hope to make shirt-printing a regular thing in my routine. Like maybe I'll print stocks once or twice a week. Someday I hope to live my dream and that is to work ONLY for the products and services of Buhay Bohemio - now that is true creative freedom! ^_^


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